Sedona Hikes – Little Horse

Little Horse


The Little Horse Trail is a total trip, in and back out, of 3.4 miles.  Give yourself about an hour and a half to complete the round trip.  Little Horse Trail is part of the Bell Rock Pathway.  From Bell Rock Pathway, at the fork, take the old jeep trail to the left.  About a mile an a half in, you will pass through a gate.  Remember to leave the gate open if you found it open and closed if you found it closed.  It is important for the safety of the livestock to either allow them access to water or to protect them from crossing, depending on the time of day.  


The red-rock monolith, Cathedral Rock are nearby, making this trial yet another magnificent early morning hike.  You will experience a variety of terrains including a cypress forest and dried up creek.  You will also  encounter some steep rocky moments.

little horse sedona arizona hiking trail




This trail is easy to moderate.  With and elevation change of just over 300 feet, it offers an opportunity for everyone to experience this magnificent hike.  It’s an excellent trail for beginner.  This trail is well maintained and improved.  


What to Expect


Little Horse offers everything you could desire in a Sedona hike.  From gorgeous view of Sedona’s breathtaking landscape and a chance to experience another of Sedona’s monuments – Chicken Point.  Come just after a monsoon for an amazing display of water features as it seeks to forge its way down the rock.


This spot is popular to mountain bikers as is much of the surrounding region.  There are also Jeep tours offered in this area.  Expect to see the Pink Jeeps from time to time as this is part of their “Broken Arrow Trail”.


This trail has very little shade aside from the stand of Arizona cypress.  So be prepared for heat and bring plenty of water.


Views Along the Way


At the top you will find stunning views of Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Gibralter Rock and Munds Wilderness.   This trail traverses around the Twin Buttes, home of the Praying Nuns.  While many have made the journey to Nun’s Saddle, be aware that it is more dangerous than it looks.  Be prepared and know what your are doing before tackling this taunting feat.


Chicken Point, the crest of this trail, is a favorite of many.  Being at these elevations in the red-rocks gives you a vantage point that will last a lifetime.  If you’re looking to escape to a place of solitude, this may not be the place for you, but if you start early, you can glean a few moments of peacefulness.  And if you beat the jeep tours you will experience the real serenity that the Sedona red-rocks offer.  If you are early enough, the sunrise is absolutely astonishing as it peaks over the surrounding rock formations.


Directions to Little Horse


Little Horse is just a three and a half miles South on Highway 179.  Watch for the signs.