The Story of Hiking Arizona

About 5 years ago my wife and I started working out and getting in shape. After a few months of hitting the gym almost everyday, we wanted to start doing something that was a little more fun and exciting than just lifting weights and running on the treadmill. We started hiking all around Phoenix, Arizona and loved it! Within 1 year we had completed almost every major hiking trail in the area. There was just one problem, it gets up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer making it far from ideal to go hiking. There are exceptions where you can get up early in the morning and hit the trails before the sun is too blistering but the problem is almost everyone in the are has the same exact idea. We can only go hiking consistently on the weekends because of our early in the morning jobs and most other people in the area are in the same situation leaving it extremely crowded on the trails. Our solution: go hiking up north where it’s much cooler! We made it a point to start taking a few weekends each month to go stay in Sedona where it is much cooler and the hiking trails are pretty much limitless. We made this blog for people that love to hike and find themselves in the same situation as us. We know not everyone will be able to make it up north as frequently as we do but we wanted to include all of our favorite hiking trails both in Sedona and Phoenix so that our hiking friends have a lot of great options, even during the summer!